Books & Puzzles

I love books and I love puzzles. I love going back to look at them and remember what I was thinking about them at the time. 

November 2023
Lauren Groff

Lauren Groff has a new book The Vaster Wilds (out 9/12) and was featured on the Fall Book Preview of Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club. I decided to read her earlier work while I wait for it to come in at the library. 
I began with matrix, her 2021 fictional historical novel about a young women cast off from a royal family to live with the nuns. Over time, she reconnects with her warrior feminine family line and builds a powerful, protected sanctuary from the nuns under the corrupt royal family and church radar. 
I give it 3/5. I was intrigued by the concept but couldn't really root for the characters. They felt too far away in description. 

Animals Puzzle

This was a fun puzzle. David finished the bulk of it while I was in Vancouver.  This is part of the Laurel Friendly Neighborhood Puzzle Exchange.
The puzzle is from the Historical Carousel and Museum in Albany, Oregon.

Frog Puzzle

This was a more challenging but fun puzzle from the Friendly Neighborhood Puzzle Exchange. 

Fates and Furies
Lauren Groff

This is the second book of Lauren Groff's back catalog I read this month. It was her first book from 2015 about a married couple and the creative process. The book begins from the husband's perspective and his creative pursuits first as an unsuccessful actor and then an acclaimed playwright. Then the second half of the book is from the wife's perspective and her role in supporting his endeavors over the years. It was fascinating to understand her role and how much her husband did not understand how much she did for him. 

Dog Puzzle

This was the first puzzle from the Puzzle Warehouse Puzzle of the Month Subscription. It was fun to create and we breezed through in two nights. Off to the Friendly Neighborhood Puzzle Exchange!

The First Ladies 
Marie Benedict &
Victoria Christopher Murray

This is the latest book from the women authors of The Personal Librarian. I learn so much from their books and recommend this one as well. It follows the story (through research and some additional imagination on their part) of the real friendship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and "the first Lady of Struggle" Mary McLeod Bethune. It was wonderful to learn more about history and how much these women were able to accomplish against tremendous odds. 

Women Puzzle

A cute little puzzle with women empowerment sayings 

Love Stamp Puzzle

A great puzzle with interesting designs and colors to work with. It includes the collection of love stamps for the last 20 or so years. Very fun!!!